Vehicle Tracking Solutions

Today there is a increasing need for real time information on the activities of your vehicle fleet. For increasing productivity and assists in reducing overtime, fuel and other vehicle operating costs, accurate and cost effective gps vehicle tracking systems are must.

India-GPS (Digitech Solutions) associated and partnered with major Vehicle Tracking System solution providers.  The manufacturing unit is in India which enables for cost effective solution. We are determined to bring quality, cost effective and best customer support.

Our Service:

We provide vehicle tracking system and associated vehicle tracking GPS hardware provides real time vehicle location for transport and service fleets, trailer units, vans, plant or any mobile unit that requires monitoring.


We provide following Vehicle Tracking Hardware features:

  • Easily track vehicles on the Internet
  • Vehicle can be located on a map associated with address
  • Get vehicle location address from cell phone
  • Find out the vehicles near a location (e.g. an address, a postal code)
  • View the historical routes of a vehicle

Notify you when the pre-defined events occur. Examples:

  • A parked vehicle is moved out of pre-defined radius
  • A vehicle enters or leaves pre-defined areas (called access zone management)
  • A vehicle exceeds a certain speed
  • A vehicle's battery runs low
  • Notification can be sent to your e-mail or cell phone
  • Can be interfaced to electrical signal change (e.g. vehicle's alarm triggered, door opened) and generate notification at signal detection
  • Various type of report

 How our Vehicle Tracking solutions will Benefit your Business:

  • Maintain better cost control

  • Monitor the activities of all vehicles

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve customer service

  • Obtain accurate exception reports

  • and much more...

 Contact us so that we can help you to get the best possible solutions for you with most competitive prices.

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